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Stonebridge works with you to establish specific financial goals and to help with any financial issues or concerns that you may have.  We take you through an extensive data gathering process in order to get a clear understanding of your current situation and values and to quantify your financial and life goals.

Investment Counsel – Investment Counsel is the astute management of your investments, utilizing a sophisticated, diversified investment portfolio, in order to help you achieve your financial goals.  Our portfolio management team will create a customized portfolio designed specifically for you.  Capital Directions, LLC, an investment advisory firm in Atlanta, is part of our portfolio management team.  Our counsel includes ongoing management and monitoring to ensure that your plan is always relevant and appropriate.

Financial Security Planning - Retirement has different meanings for different people.  Regardless of your definition and how much work you want to do, the one constant for all is a sense of financial security. We understand that complete security is not possible in this world, but we will work with you to control what you can control to give you the best chance to experience a successful retirement, as you define it.

Advanced Planning – Stonebridge has two Certified Public Accountants and a tax attorney as partners and is well versed in strategies to assist you in the transfer of your wealth to family members, charitable giving, asset protection and other strategies to assist you in preserving your wealth for the purposes which you desire.

Tax Planning – We live in an environment of extremely complex tax laws, whether it be income taxes or estate and gift taxes.  Our professionals have been involved in tax practice for many years, and are in a unique position to advise you on tax issues and to work with your other tax professionals to minimize the impact of taxation.  We also work to make your portfolio as tax efficient as possible, utilizing proper asset location and low turnover funds to minimize the taxes on your investment portfolio.  We believe that this sets us apart from most other investment firms.

Cash Flow Management - Effective cash flow management allows you to fund your financial security goals while working and to optimize withdrawals from your investment accounts when the need arises.  We will work with you to develop an effective and efficient cash flow strategy.


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